Young surfers on the wave. Intratel sponsors a Summer Windsurfing League



Clouds, rain and 13 knots of wind. The conditions were not easy, but the young competitors did well. More than 40 girls and boys took part in the next competition of the Holiday Windsurfing League series, included in the Amateur Cup of Poland. Intratel is one of the sponsors of the regatta. This time (9.08) the race took place at the Kaper campsite in Chałupy.



The Summer Windsurfing League is a competition held periodically during the summer holidays on the waters around the Hel Peninsula. It is intended for the youngest competitors, born after 2001. There are 4 age categories and a separate classification for girls and boys. The youngest surfers who took part in the competition were less than 7 years old.



Among the teenagers, Antoni Siwek, Rysiek Goc, Inka Kapica and Olivia Forkun won. Among younger children - Roman Sacuk, Pola Radecka and Jarosław Bisewski.



The prizes, sponsored by Intratel, were handed over to the winners by Maciek Rutkowski - one of the most successful Polish windsurfers. Born in 1991, Rutkowski is a World Vice-Champion, World and European Youth Champion, 15-time Polish Champion and the first Pole to surf the legendary Jaws wave on the island of Maui, considered one of the biggest and most dangerous in the world.


Photos: Mariusz Prószyński