Cloud Computing covers solutions and services which make it possible to reduce operation costs by providing access to software (SaaS), IT infrastructure (IaaS), and required tools directly at the user’s computer with unlimited resource scalability but no initial investment costs.

Since 2012 Intratel has been developing its own cloud service, One Step Cloud IaaS. One Step Cloud is an enterprise class cloud platform. With full scalability and simple implementation, the platform is based on VMware ecosystem - today’s leading technology in terms of private cloud. Unlike conventional clouds solutions, OneStepCloud makes it possible to start with small systems and expand them as needed - in a clear and pain free manner.

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  • Dedicated computing resources and physical and virtual disk space
  • Dedicated solutions based on non-standard hardware, I.e GPU/FPGA
  • "Pay As You Go" hourly billing
  • Backups of data or infrastructure as part of the cloud service
  • Control over the location of services and systems under national and EU law
  • Building a cloud solution 100% tailored to customer needs
  • Software licenses rental