Disaster Recovery Center

With its own data center, Intratel is able to provide DRC services, or backup data centers. It was designed specifically to provide our clients with the redundancy of data and system solutions to prepare for unforeseen events and ensure uninterrupted work.


We are able to provide adequate levels of duplicate infrastructure, applications and data. If any unforeseen events occur within the client’s IT infrastructure, such as fires, floods or major failures, DRC is able to quickly take over all key functions of the company’s production environment.

  • Preparation, configuration and maintenance (servers, mass storage, LAN/SAN/WAN networks) of the backup data center infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of procedures necessary to restore business continuity after a failure
  • Maintenance of spare equipment in an amount and parameters suitable for possible emergency load takeover and customer work processes
  • High availability clusters and metroclusters
  • Data replication to backup centers
  • Securing production environments in the cloud
  • DRC management systems
  • Data recovery