Backup, DRC, and HA systems

Loss of access to data and systems may quickly bring the value of a company down to nothing. Significant parts of a company’s value depends on its technology and data systems, so in case of failure, small changes in configuration may cost or save the company millions.

Systems and data recovery is facilitated by a synergy of backups, Disaster Recovery solutions, and local redundancy systems, or HA. These solutions comprise the capacity for reinstatement of complete IT operations at a specified recovery time objective (RTO) or specified recovery point objective (RPO). Shorter RTO means quicker recovery while lower RPO means less lost transactions and information during unplanned shutdown.

  • Backup data processing centers
  • High availability clusters
  • Backup, archiving and recovery systems
  • Implementation of good backup practices, including minimizing recovery time (RTO) and the optimal recovery point (RPO) selection
  • Configuration of the backup system with a guarantee it meets or exceeds the agreed RTO / RPO values for each system
  • Management and monitoring of backup processes
  • Annual tests for each backup process
  • On-premise and cloud backup/archiving