IT Agility

Development in continuous motion

IT effectiveness is much more than using agile practices. It requires the complete rethinking of IT organization to facilitate the company’s digital transition, necessary for its development.

Technology has moved from being an important part of most businesses and become the basis of functioning. That is why IT in a company must react to changing requirements and opportunities.

Intratel supports IT departments in terms of system and infrastructure updates as well as continuous change management of change - so that business processes are carried out in the fastest and most profitable way currently available.

  • Compellent
  • Unity
  • Isilon
  • VNX
  • Equallogic
  • PowerVault
  • FC/iSCSI
  • SanHQ
  • Windows NAS Appliance
  • Data Domain
  • NetWorker
  • Avamar
  • Tape automation
  • Rack
  • Tower
  • Blade
  • FX
  • C series
  • Vmware, Hyper-V, Xen
  • Centralized cloud management
  • Cabling
  • HVAC
  • Power Generators
  • Secure Access
  • Video Surveillance
  • Dell Nets helter racks
  • Dell KVM and KMM
  • Dell Smart-UPS
  • Desktop Authority Management Suite
  • KACE KXXX Management and deployment
  • Mobile Device Management)
  • VDI (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft)
  • WYSE

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