Intratel receives the AI Champions award



This award recognizes the IT companies that best guide their customers in implementing solutions using AI and machine learning.

Intratel received the AI Champions award for a hardware solution that will support creating an inference model used in laboratory research.


AI Champions is a prestigious, year-long training and consulting program run jointly by Dell Technologies and NVIDIA across Europe. Companies are selected to participate in the program based on their potential to develop projects related to artificial intelligence.

In parallel to the training, a competition is held for the development and implementation of a solution supporting the use of AI at the client's site. Intratel is the only winner of such an award from Central and Eastern Europe.


"Our research and development activities have recently focused precisely on artificial intelligence," - says Mariusz Proszynski, Intratel's vice president and AI Champions program coordinator on the company's side. "This is the result of Intratel's competence development as an integrator, gaining knowledge in the field of hardware, networks, cloud, distributed systems. The AI Champions award is proof that we are also able to pass on this knowledge and support to customers who are developing their breakthrough solutions" he adds.

Other AI Champions award-winning companies include ebb3 from the UK, MaticMind from Italy, and SVA from Germany.