Greater capacity with less resources. Intratel is working on a device that will dramatically reduce data storage costs



Efficient use of local and cloud resources, fast and encrypted data transmission, all without major changes in the architecture of the client's IT systems. These are the main principles of the solution being developed by Intratel with the support of European Regional Development Fund.

Widok na serwerownię

The project involves construction and programming of a device which, when loaned to a client and connected to their LAN and/or SAN, will provide them with fully scalable storage. Selecting particular area of the client's disk space in the device panel will include it in the process of secure, encrypted transmission to the Intratel data center. The data stored in this way will remain permanently available, but will no longer take up resources in the infrastructure.


This kind of approach to data storage allows to obtain very high performance and large capacity with several times smaller (compared to other solutions) computing resources, while maintaining absolute data security. There is no need to invest in more data storage devices when the amount of data increases.


Thanks to the encrypted communication between the device and the Intratel data center, the data is stored and archived in sustainable and secure manner.


In the construction of researched devices ecosystem, Intratel aims to utilize the potential of blockchain technology. The solution’s market launch is planned for late 2021.