Dell Technologies names Intratel a Titanium Partner



Intratel has joined a small and elite group of IT service and solution providers. We have officially been awarded the title of Dell Titanium Solution Provider, the highest partner status you can achieve when working with Dell Technologies.



Titanium-level partners are Dell Technologies' most strategic partners, with extensive capabilities in deploying advanced solutions - from endpoint devices, through server infrastructure, up to the cloud.


Titanium status confirms that Intratel has expert knowledge of Dell technologies and delivers Dell solutions combined with first class IT services.


Intratel has worked closely with Dell Technologies since 2012. In 2015 we have achieved Premier Partner and Dell Professional Services status to become the North East Poland's only Platinum Partner in 2018.


"Our partnership with Dell is of strategic importance" - says Dariusz Daniluk, CEO of Intratel. "Our teams work together every day, providing customers with solutions based on Dell products and services. This level of partnership is a testament to our ability to meet customer needs by using the strength and experience of both companies."


To earn Titanium status, Intratel had to meet specific sales and competency requirements. Intratel's list of certified engineer competencies now lists more than a dozen. Intratel's high status in the partner programme, however, primarily means benefits for our customers - the highest discount potential and extensive support for implemented projects.