Intratel is a member of HNC-USF - a new strategic cooperation platform for IT companies



New space for innovative cooperation - that is the objective of the HNC-USF platform, joining IT companies from Poland, Finland, Estonia, and China. The platform’s launch was inaugurated by a series of meetings of founding companies in the city of Ningbo, China. Intratel sp. z o.o. was represented by its President of the Board, Dariusz Daniluk.


HNC-USF makes it possible to circulate development knowledge between countries in northern Europe, and between Europe and China. Its members can gain experience in international cooperation and strengthen their abilities, but also achieve high quality and innovative results.


Membership in the platform carries out the objectives of Intratel’s international expansion strategy as part of the subsidy under the Eastern Poland Operational Programme 1.2 - Internationalisation of SMEs. Within the project, Intratel develops opportunities for cooperation with Scandinavian countries - including Finland, where Prizztech Oy, the City of Ulvila, the Regional Council of Satakunta, Häme University of Applied Sciences, and LEADER Rural Development Network came up with the initiative for the HNC-USF platform.